A Mini-Hylink Dive: WeChat Accounts


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During pitches, new business meetings, or explorations at new client kick-offs, we’re commonly asked the same question: what’s the difference between a WeChat subscription account versus a WeChat service account? The succeeding question is most always: what WeChat account might benefit us more?

In most cases, a WeChat service account is preferable for a majority of companies and organizations, unless the name of your game is solely content; in that case, we would almost always lean toward a WeChat subscription account.

WeChat Subscription Account

Focus: Information & brand communication

Best for: Businesses and individuals that are content-based or information-oriented. Optimal for businesses that want to disseminate content on a more regular basis (newsletters, e-mags, etc.).

- No push notifications or customization. 

- A 48-hour window to reply to user messages. 

- Businesses must be verified and use WeChat API.

- No support for payments.

WeChat Service Account

Focus: CRM & Customer service

Best for: Businesses with an extensive audience or large customer database. Robust functionality and access to advanced WeChat public platform features.

- Four broadcasts per month with 1-6 articles each time, received from the business as a contact/push notification in the users’ message feed/chat lists directly.

- A 48-hour window to reply to user messages.

- Push notifications are available.

- Payments (API) supported for all verified accounts (WeChat Pay & WeChat Store setup).

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