Blind Way film premiers, funded by Hylink’s charitable arm


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Santa Monica, CA

After dedicating 10 years toward the Blind trilogy, a three-part film series spotlighting disadvantaged groups in China, award-winning director Li Yang has released his final film – Blind Way. The movie is another raw and ambitious film by Li Yang, a director dedicated to sharing stories of underserved Chinese individuals who would otherwise go unnoticed.

Blind Way follows the life of a blind street girl that meets a homeless middle-aged singer, and delves deeper into the issues of human trafficking and homelessness through a compelling story of atonement and an adventure shared between two lost souls.

Li Yang spent months researching the lives of China’s homeless population, as well as the realities of blind children in China. He interviewed children, visited welfare homes, and applied real-life experiences into every component of the script and storyline.

Li Yang encountered an array of obstacles in the making of the Blind trilogy, specifically, censorship and lack of funding. Hylink’s CEO, Su Tong, decided to invest in the film to help ensure its completion.

“I saw the courage in Blind Way. It tells a story of harsh realities, and touches the heart,” said Su Tong. “It’s meaningful for us to help blind children receive the care they need.”

To market the film, Li Yang partnered with Authrule Digital Media and Hylink’s charitable foundation. Together, they launched the EYE Tomorrow charity in conjunction with the Blind Way premiere in an effort to generate awareness and support for blind homeless children. To fundraise for the cause, two dollars was  donated to EYE Tomorrow for every ticket purchased, with funds going directly toward blind childrens’ medical treatments.

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