Tencent’s MIND Awards: Hylink’s COO Xavier Sun weighs in on the state of digital marketing


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Santa Monica, California

Tencent recently held its eighth annual MIND awards, an event focused on recognizing accomplishments in digital marketing and evaluating trends and projections for the year to come. MIND is an acronym standing for Tencent’s view of the industry’s constant evolution: measurement, interaction, navigation, and differentiation.

Our COO, Xavier Sun, spoke on several pressing industry topics during a MIND interview. Specifically, he explained that when executing a digital marketing campaign, it’s more imperative than ever to identify the consumer’s emotional relationship to a brand, before any real action can be taken in devising a campaign strategy. This emotional resonance is integral to effective marketing and advertising in the modern world, and is identifiable in any successful campaign.

Mr. Sun also spoke to the effects of data on content creation. He expressed that, “If you fail to [gain] insights from the data you have, your technology is actually irrelevant to consumers. We’ve done a lot in this aspect, obtaining insights from both a tech perspective and a content perspective.” He added, “We used to apply data to expand reach, but now data is more utilized to deliver relevant content to targeted audiences.”

When asked about Hylink’s recent IPO, Mr. Sun indicated that it has enabled Hylink to invest more strategically in vital industry research, in addition to increasing the production of highly engaging, innovative, and premium campaign content.

To watch the full interview, please visit http://bit.ly/2pbXTg3.

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