Harvey Nichols #520SayLove campaign is one of the most noteworthy campaigns of the year


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One of Hylink London’s clients, the world’s leading luxury British retailer Harvey Nichols, released a series of short films aimed at Chinese audiences for the first time in celebration of 5.20 (A modern Chinese Valentine's day). The films aim to remind people what it means to be human in this digital-dominated era, and to remember to #SayLove to loved ones on this special day. The campaign has been described as the most noteworthy campaign of the year by the media.

As Harvey Nichols’ China strategic partner, Hylink London developed a creative approach that resonates with the Chinese audience. Creative concept development, film storyboarding and the digital communications strategy plan were all planned and executed by the Hylink London team. The video received more than 7 million views within a week and has exceeded the monthly conversion rate with the help of WeChat pay promotion.

We’re beyond thrilled to see an almost 200 year-old British luxury retailer adapting Chinese culture and being willing to foster a closer relationship with Chinese customers.

The film features five storylines set in Harvey Nichols’ flagship Knightsbridge store, showcasing stories of romantic love, family love, friendship and love for pets. As well as the relationships between father-and-daughter, couples and best friends, the commercial also features pets and kids, showing how simple and authentic love can be. The films include actors from different countries as well as featuring UK-based art influencer Joe Chen’s (@乔大伯) 4-year-old daughter, Imogen.

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